Tips for L.W.O.L. Pasta

  • Pasta is a great carbohydrate and it’s super versatile.
  • You want to cook your pasta ‘al dente’ which means not too soft, but still cooked. Instructions on how to cook it this way will be found on the box. This way you can heat your pasta up in the microwave later without overcooking it (no one wants soggy pasta).
  • Once the past is cooked you can let your creative juices flow.
  • Add vegetables (fresh or frozen) to your pasta dishes to make them more hearty and healthy.
  • Add chicken, tuna, or chickpeas for a good source of protein.
  • Try different sauces with different pasta dishes. You can even make one pot of pasta and divide it up so that you can make different dishes using different meats, vegetables, or sauce all with the same cooked pasta.
  • Ham and bacon are great with pasta. From the basic no-name brand options to specialty sausage with extra spice, you have lots of options.
  • Pasta comes in many different shapes and sizes. If you are making a recipe with a certain type of pasta listed (such as shell pasta), change it up the next time. Buy a pasta that is on sale or has a different shape and just follow the instructions on the bag when cooking it.
  • Boil pasta and throw some of your favourite tomato sauce (maybe with some of your favourite seasoning) over top of it and you have a meal right there for you!