Tips for L.W.O.L. Granola

How about some granola?

  • Granola is an easy to make, healthy, wholesome and low-budget snack!
  • Granola is also a great breakfast food! You can make it with rolled oats, honey or brown sugar, puffed rice and bake it until it is crisp, toasted or golden brown.
  • You can also buy granola clusters that are already cooked and ready to eat at your bulk food store, and you can personalize it by just throwing in the ingredients you prefer!
  • For granola clusters, sometimes it is cheaper to buy cereal from either your local grocery store or your bulk store (again, check your flyers and coupons!) and use that as the base for your granola mixture!
  • Granola also tastes great with some of your favourite dried fruits, like cranberries, cherries, mangos, apples, raisins or blueberries!
  • Throw some honey into your granola mixture for a sweet kick, or add some chocolate chips, caramel sauce or coconut flakes from the bulk store.
  • Get creative and throw in your favourite jelly beans or candy for some sweetness, or popcorn for that extra crunch.
  • Walnuts, peanuts, almonds and other nuts are a great healthier option.
  • You can buy all kinds of items from your bulk store, and throw them into little Ziploc bags to have snacks for the week ahead…that was easy!