Tips for L.W.O.L. Breakfast

  • Pre-make some of these breakfast recipes, such as the omelette muffins, and refrigerate them so you can grab it to go during your hurried mornings. Just put it in the toaster oven or microwave to heat it up!
  • Pancakes are versatile and taste great with blueberries (if you feel like eating healthy) or chocolate chips (for that sweet tooth). If you’re adding sweet stuff to the pancake, you can skip the syrup.
  • Add a handful of walnuts or chocolate chips to your banana bread to add a little extra flavour and crunch or to sweeten it up.

Tips to Decrease Morning Stress

  • Pre-plan your meals
  • Make meals in bulk and store them in single servings so you can just grab and go in the morning
  • Pack your lunch the night before
  • Set out your clothes for the next day so that you don’t need to take time choosing your outfit in the morning.
  • It’s cheaper to buy a bag of oatmeal rather than the prepackaged individual packets of flavoured oatmeal. Just add your own sugar and flavourings

Get Creative with your Breakfast!

  • You can add just about anything to eggs, from a handful of spinach or any other vegetable that cooks quickly.
  • Try different toppers for your oatmeal, like fresh or frozen fruit. To bulk your oatmeal up. Add nuts, such as almonds or walnuts to get a chock full of flavour and crunch.
  • Yogurt is another breakfast basic that you can bulk it up with fruits, granola, or nuts, which you can buy in bulk at bulk food stores.