L.W.O.L. – Our Vision For Peel

In creating this Cooking/Living Skills Book, we hope that people from all different walks of life will be coming into contact with this book. We realize that everyone has different resources available to them.

For some an oven is easy to get their hands on and they use it daily, while others might have an oven and have no idea how to use it, or may not have access to an oven at all! The same goes for a fridge, microwave, a stove, or any other appliance.

The vision for this project is to help everybody in the community to understand that it is possible to live well on less and that for many it’s necessary. We realize that not everyone will have the same access or ability to make each and every one of these recipes, but we hope that the tips found within these pages will be ones that will be helpful regardless of who you are and where you are in your life stage or situation. We understand that the struggle is real and that things do not come easily for those living below or near the poverty line.

Our hope for this book is that it could be responsible for a transition between the loneliness of desperation of homelessness and the pride and hopefulness of having a job and living well on less as represented in these pictures.

These recipes are interspersed with living skills that we hope you will find useful, whether you use the foodbank, or coupons to shop, whether you enjoy cooking, despise it, or are still figuring it all out! This book has rich tips for how to live well on less and how to enjoy better and healthier lives with what you have access to, not discounting the struggle and reality.

This book came from the hearts of The Bridge and Regeneration and with the generous support of The Region of Peel and the Anglican Diocese our vision is coming to life. We visited food banks, talked to community workers and those who work hard to make a difference in our region, with the hope that it would help all of us to better connect with the available resources in our community.

It is often stated that approximately 20% of our population is just a few paycheques away from the risk of being homeless. Above and beyond just cooking, this book aims to be a guide in nutrition, shopping wisely, effective tricks for living well, as well as caring for ourselves. We firmly believe that living well also means being in community and staying connected.

Issues of access to good quality, economical food and food security are at the forefront for many in the Peel Region especially those we and many others work with. Our aim is to provide food-based community outreach solutions (food banks, soup kitchens and churches) to deal with issues we sadly find too many are faced with. People should not have to make the tough decisions to either eat or buy shoes or pay rent … especially parents with young children.

Food security is a concern that takes different shapes and forms, whether that means not knowing where your next paycheque is coming from, how you can stretch out a meal for two days, or purchasing healthy yet inexpensive options. We believe strongly in the proverb, “Give a person a fish, you feed them for a day ….Teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime.” We also believe in the practical notions “teach a person to shop…cook…eat…exercise…and connect to the community, you teach a person to live well!”