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Car Wash

Agency is raising funds to feed the homeless. Come by 1 Main Street on Saturday July 4 and get your call washed. Donations start at $5. See you there!

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L.W.O.L. – Our Vision For Peel

In creating this Cooking/Living Skills Book, we hope that people from all different walks of life will be coming into contact with this book. We realize that everyone has different resources available to them. For some an oven is easy to get their hands on and they use it daily, while others might have an…

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Origin Story

two guys smiling in kitchen

Our many years of working with those in need of a stable home / life or those at-risk of being homeless has awakened both of us to greater insights into some of the simple issues that often keep people trapped in poverty. The simple daily life skills that most of us take for granted such…

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Cooking in the Community

What an Experience! The purpose of the workshop was to show the variety, versatility, and affordability of a particular dish. The idea to do a cookbook came out of previous workshops where we were teaching clients about the importance of money management. Food is a big chunk of our monthly expenses as we all must…

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Lucia’s Story

Lucia sitting on steps

Lucia, better known as Seika on the streets, has a sad and wonderful story that while powerful is just one example of many people who are helped by the numerous agencies, food banks and soup kitchens in Peel.

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