About Living Well On Less

L.W.O.L. is a joint project between The Bridge & Regeneration

Our many years of working with those in need of a stable home/life or those at-risk of being homeless has awakened both of us to greater insights into some of the simple issues that often keep people trapped in poverty. The simple daily life skills that most of us take for granted such as; shopping for bargains and even cooking the simplest of meals are often lacking by many living on the margins. This has encouraged us to seek solutions, and we have found that while some answers are quite simple, it is these little things that can have a tremendous impact on an individual or family’s quality of life. That’s what this cookbook is all about.

One of the things we’ve learned is that individuals who can be very resourceful in some ways often lack a few basic life skills – like knowing how to shop for bargains and cook simple meals. We think this book will be really important to many in Peel who live on limited and fixed incomes. And we also hope it will serve as a reminder that the Region of Peel is a caring community that continues to look for creative ways to address the serious issues and everyday challenges of local poverty.

Our combined experiences have provided us the understanding into the very limited living skills and resources many struggle with, which continue their entrapments in poverty. This situation also extends to many other low income persons in our community, who, although resourceful in their own right, lack the knowledge, information and planning to live well. But we think we can do something about it and so we have decided to create a book that provides healthy yet economical meals for individuals and their families as well as simple living/shopping/cooking skills.

Many wonderful places, such as Regeneration, Knight’s Table, Caledon Community Services, Mississauga Food Bank, The Compass, Food-Path, Ste. Louise Outreach and the Salvation Army feed many people daily. This cookbook strives to provide some personal responsibility, along with a sense of pride, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and self-sustainability.Individuals and families, with this resource, will have a basis for creating healthy meals on their own, thereby inviting them to view themselves with pride and self-worth.

The inspiration for this book originally came to us while teaching a Living Skills and Cooking Workshop for ex-prisoners and guests of Regeneration. We were shocked when we asked “Where do you shop for food?” and the answer was “7-Eleven.” We understood the convenience but also saw what a stunning waste of their limited funds. Saving money on groceries by cooking instead of relying on packaged food can mean there’s more money to buy other things we need, like clothes for the kids, school supplies or better quality food.

Our goal is to provide the support and skills, including cooking to live ‘normal’ lives. We hope this website of recipes will play a small part by helping individuals in need in our community build greater self-reliance, self-confidence and self-worth.

We believe this simple project will be able to help many people to L.W.O.L. Enjoy!