About Community Kitchens

Community Kitchens are many things…

  • They are a place where individuals can go to learn new skills and interact in a positive, inclusive environment.
  • They teach the importance of food safety, cooking techniques and the use of various kitchen equipment.
  • There are a place where people can come together to meet new people and learn new skills that can be taken home and utilized in their daily lives. By increasing a person’s knowledge and ability to purchase, prepare, and cook healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals it may help lead to improved healthier lifestyles.
  • Being a part of something can offer a sense of dignity and belonging.
  • Encouraging people to work together to create a meal that they can enjoy is a wonderful feeling and experience.
  • Encouraging social engagement that fosters community centered on food is a beneficial program that helps encourage participants to learn new skills in the kitchen to assist them in becoming more self-sufficient and self-sustainable in their daily lives.

Community Kitchens are available in your local community and are a great place to learn new skills, recipes, and people in your local community.

Interview with Carol from Regeneration


L.W.O.L.: Why do you do community kitchen?

Carol: I love the versatility of food and showing people different life skills, and cooking skills. It’s important to show people the importance of food safety, something as simple as washing all products before you use them! Many people do not know these simple rules. I enjoy teaching people how to prepare food.

L.W.O.L.: What is the importance of Community Kitchen?

Carol: It’s about getting to know each other and forming relationships as well as making a community around food.

L.W.O.L.: Why do you work here?

Carol: I am passionate about people. It is what I am called to do. Just do what you are called to do and you will be happy. I learn more from the people I work with than they learn from me.